Cozy house using Canadian technology

Projects of houses from SIP panels first appeared about fifty years ago in Canada. However, in our country, according to similar technology, houses have been erected since the 19th century. Be that as it may, it was the Canadians who managed to bring this unique method to perfection. It would be foolish not to take advantage of their knowledge now, when the inhabitants of our country need a new reliable housing. The technology developed by Canadian experts is characterized by a high level of savings and a striking construction rate. This method is currently most popular at home. However, it is also actively used in Japan, the USA and a number of European countries. From the total volume of houses built using frame technology, the share of structures from SIP panels is 80%.

The construction of Canadian houses is simplicity. Even before the construction site, special sets of components are delivered to the desired plot of land. The assembly is implemented directly in the territory that the owner allocated for the future home. Thus, you can use as typical projects of Canadian houses

, so their unique drawings. Competent specialists will bring to mind any of your idea. As a result, after a couple of months you will enjoy the magnificent appearance of the newly erected house.

The Canadian house, erected in accordance with the rules and norms of the Russian Federation, is characterized by reliability, strength of the structure and the highest level of durability. Examples of such houses can be seen on the Eurodom-Ural website .This method also provides only the highest quality components-SIP panels. Their strength surprises even the most experienced builders. As for the cost of such a house, the customer will always be able to calculate it by adjusting all the parameters of the future home for the original budget. If funds allow, then you can count on a chic cottage. If you need something more modest, then from SIP panels with the same ease you can build a small and neat house.

Small thickness of sip panels will allow you to get 30% of the additional space. Thus, in the planning of the cottage it will be possible to provide another room, or even two at once.

The “box” of the Canadian house is being built in just a couple of weeks. Do not worry about the shrinkage. In dwellings from SIP panels, this risk is excluded. Finishing work can be started immediately after assembling a new house.

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