Balcony decoration options

The finish of the balcony can be internal and external. Depending on the type of work, the finishing material is chosen. The balcony makes it possible to increase their living area to many people. And in order to feel comfortable in this part of the apartment, it is simply necessary to carry out finishing work.

Interior trim of the balcony

Log. This is one of the most common types of finishing materials. Plastic lining does not require additional processing after installation. It has different color schemes and is affordable in price. A wooden lining is more expensive, but natural material always carries comfort and comfort. When choosing this type of lining, you should remember the need to treat the surface with varnish.

Natural stone. This material can be used both when finishing the floor and when decorating walls. It all depends on the preferences of the owner. The advantage of this material is that it is possible to creatively approach the cladding and give the balcony a non -standard view. If you are interested in just such a decoration of the premises, then you can order it on this site.

Wallpaper. One and the cheapest ways to put the balcony in order. Perhaps this is the only plus. The wallpaper quickly fades under the influence of the sun and lose their attractiveness. In addition, the temperature difference can lead to the appearance of the fungus.

Whitewash. The leader in the least amount of costs. However, the whitewash will have to be updated at least twice a year. Walls, before applying a lime solution, are aligned and primed.

External trim of the balcony

And again the lining. It is worth paying special attention that the lining for internal finishes is not suitable here. If you use this type of material, the appearance of the balcony will quickly lose its attractiveness, the effects of dust and sunlight are affected. Such a finish will last for about 5 years. For external finishing, an external plastic lining is suitable, specially adapted to temperature changes and dust exposure. She is frost -resistant and does not burn out.

Siding. Ideal for the exterior decoration of the balcony. This material was created specifically for external work. Siding does not crack, does not change its color in the sun, protects the balcony from decay and has a variety of color scheme.

Before you finally opt for one of the types of finishing materials, consult with a professional. The specialist will give advice taking into account the individual characteristics of the balcony.