Cozy wooden bath

I know everything that the procedures that are carried out in the bathhouse are very useful and have a healing process, and also helps to relax to the soul and body. To date, among those who own country houses, Baths have a great demand, built from a bar. The construction of the bath can be completed according to ready -made projects that you can provide you to specialists or by your individual, where all your requests will be taken into account.

The beam in the construction of similar rooms is used more and more often, because it has a unique and sophisticated appearance, as well as excellent characteristics. Such baths are distinguished by a long period of use, unlike baths from other materials. The bath structure from the beam also includes the advantages, since it gives a minimum shrinkage, which allows you to put windows and doors immediately after the end of the structure. The main plus of the beam is its environmental friendliness – this is an impeccably clean and safe material that does not harm health and the environment.

Before starting the construction of a bath, you need to remember that the main step is the laying of the foundation. For a bathhouse from a beam, the foundation on screw stilts is good. This material has low prices and can be set on heavy soils, but still causes a lot of trouble, since this process lasts more than one day. Also, a special interest should be given and plum. If you make a plum competently and efficiently, then it will clean the water well and save the room from a possible smell. It is important to remember that the correct sewage system will help preserve wood and foundation for many years. Then you need to decide how to assemble a box, it all depends on its size and design. The box will be built from a bars of a longitudinal cut. The most important thing will be to strengthen the lower crowns, since it is they who are rotted and other natural factors. It is best to use larch, it is the most stable. In order for the lower rows to be reliably protected, each crown should be treated with waste of transformer oil.

It is important to remember that the material for the beam can be varied, but still professionals recommend using pine. It is very durable, durable and pushes water well from itself. The bar from the beam perfectly protects the accumulated heat and has the ability to breathe, which gives a person a favorable atmosphere and a convenient microclimate.