Window insulation according to Swedish technology

Comfort and coziness in your house directly depends on the state of the windows. Drafts, cold and other factors significantly reduce the comfort of your home. Today we will talk about a fairly popular way of warming windows – window insulation according to Swedish technology.

Before starting work on warming windows, it is necessary to measure and visually inspect the condition of the window sash. Window insulation according to Swedish technology consists of several stages.

At the first stage, the sash is dismantled, the working surface is cleaned, a groove for laying the Swedish insulation EuroStrip is made along the entire perimeter of the wings. Further, using a special device, the seal is laid in the groove. After filling the groove, the sovereign of Eurostrip is ready.

EUROSTRip insulation is quite popular in our time due to its properties: it is elastic, resistant to moisture, withstands large temperature changes, the guaranteed service life of the insulation is more than 15 years.

When warming windows according to Swedish technology, you can additionally make the so -called “double -glazed table”. To do this, it is necessary to unscrew the window screeds, disconnect the window binding, glue the interminal seal between the wings. After performing all the actions, it is necessary to check the sash for free opening, smooth and soft operation of shut-off mechanisms and handles, as well as the quality of the fit of the seal.

We seal sealing the outer and inner sides of the window with a silicone sealant. This action is perfectly soundproofing the room.

Window insulation according to Swedish technology Eurostrip is over. Now your house will be much warmer, more comfortable, more comfortable and quieter. Create comfort for a long time.

Often they ask questions about the price of window insulation according to Swedish technology. We will say right away that window insulation will cost much cheaper than replacing windows with modern double -glazed windows. To calculate the approximate cost of work, it is necessary to measure the perimeter of the window, multiply it by the number of wings and by the price of a meter of insulation. So you will get the exact cost of work. For example, insulation of a double -leaf window of standard sizes will cost about 2200 rubles, insulation of a triple window of standard sizes of 3000 rubles, insulation of the balcony block (balcony door and double -leaf window) of standard dimensions of 3,500 rubles.

At the end of today’s article, watch the video on how to properly perform window insulation according to Swedish technology.