Insulation of the facade by plaster

When the savings of funds and time are in the first place, many familiar methods become ineffective. Gradually loses its position multilayer insulation, while the system has more layers, the less attention it gets – you have to pay for each layer. The best solution is the combined layers and materials.

Materials on the basis of PP have one, a very negative sign – creating a temperature sealant barrier, they almost completely interfere with the vapor permeability of the wall. This means that excess moisture and heat are not transmitted to the atmosphere, but accumulate in the walls of the walls. This can lead to many problems – from loosening and freezing of the supporting (constructive) material to the otten wallpaper and the effect of the “raw wall”. This can be prevented by arranging a thoughtful and effective ventilation system with heat recovery.

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This serious invisible problem is easily solved by the use of vapor -permeable thermal insulation and facade decoration. Manufacturers who produce these products, all components are developed taking into account this factor. Steam waterproofing passes one way due to the capillary effect.

In the form of steam, heated moisture from a saturated medium passes into the walls of the walls, in other words, they get rid of. Then the capillary effect comes into force: moisture moves inside the material through thin channels. The air in the room will be mainly saturated, and, accordingly, more “wet”, so the movement occurs outside.

The steam that has passed through the wall should evaporate, leaving it in a stable relatively dry state. But if it is found in his path of “thermos”, then he begins to accumulate in the walls.

When the facade is insulated with vapor -permeable material, pairs pass through it into the rarefied medium of the insulation from the sick dense environment of the wall material and evaporate from the surface of the external decoration. This explains why mineral wool plates do not soak from steam and why they are putty. The situation is simplified in the case of a heat -insulating solution – even a layer of putty is not obligated to it.

The main idea of ​​“breathing” technologies is to remove moisture and steam from wall material. Subsequent after insulation layers, respectively, should also pass steam.