Sandwich balcony insulation with panels

The use of sandwich panels for insulation of the balcony is considered justified on large rooms in the area. The fact is, this is a fairly thick type of insulation, which during installation “eats” quite a lot of area. The sandwich panels are made from a variety of materials, however, the principle of their design remains unchanged. They are a kind of sandwich consisting of two outer layers made of solid material and the insulation between them.

Choosing a sandwich panel for a balcony or loggia, it is worth considering their weight. The use of too heavy designs in this case is absolutely not permissible. You need to purchase an option specially designed for balconies. The convenience of this type of insulation is considered primarily the simplicity of installation. In addition, when using it, there is no need to carry out additional finishing work. The front panel of such a sandwich is most often made of material having high decorative indicators.

PVC sandwich panels are glued to the mounting foam. In this case, for a high -quality installation, it is necessary that the back wall of the plate is slightly rough. Manufacturers usually produce just such a variant of this insulation. If the panel is smooth in front of the sticker should walk along its surface with sandpaper, otherwise the insulation simply does not stick. For very thick sandwich panels, it is better to use not foam, but liquid nails. When using the first sticker option, this glue needs to strengthen the angles of all elements.

When installing, you must be extremely careful. When mounting the panel, it is necessary to ensure that it is aligned both vertically and horizontally. It is necessary that all elements along the perimeter of the loggia adjoin each other tightly, without cracks. To do this, you can use the usual water or laser level.

Sometimes sandwich panels are used not to warm the walls of the loggia, but to install them instead of double -glazed windows. This is a fairly effective way. However, to perform it on your own without certain professional skills seems extremely difficult. In this case, work should be entrusted to specialists.

Insulation of the walls and ceiling of the loggia sandwich with panels, if desired, is not too difficult. However, this work must be carried out as accurately as possible, carefully measuring everything. In this case, you can get not only a warm, but also aesthetically designed balcony.