Roofing device

Roofing device

In mass production, the main version of the roofs is precisely roller varieties of roofs. They are produced by pitched and flat. For the installation of roll roofs, the maximum angle of inclination is twenty -five degrees. Under the influence of the rays of the sun with a steeper slope, the material can simply swim. It should be mounted on a clean surface by gluing on mastic. This roof is installed in several layers, with all this, in each new layer, the seams are crossed with a displacement in adjacent layers of the sheets of the material. Thanks to the minimum slope, water will go along the drains from such roofs or on internal special funnels. With all this, the experience of using this material showed the disadvantages of the roll roof.

Under the influence of the rays of the sun, the mastic begins to melt and can reach a liquid state, after which it begins to simply drain from the surface of the roof. In this way, the waterproofing characteristics of the roof are violated after only a few seasons. If quite tall trees grow near the structure with a flat roof, then the leaves falling from them and dry branches will clog the funnels, which will prevent the disposal of rainwater from the surface of the roof of the roof. In tandem with a rather poor melting of the waterproofing carpet, the roof will simply begin to give leaks, and the water will penetrate into the microcracks of the ceiling. It is for this reason that the ceilings begin to occur in the so -called Khrushchevs quite often in the so -called Khrushchevs.

Similar roller roofs are mastic roofs. In this case, instead of the sticker, layers are melted to the required thickness of the mastic. A layer of this mastic is reinforced with fiberglass fabric in order to give rigidity to the characteristics of the roof.

Slate roofs at the moment, due to not quite good attractiveness, are almost not used. Slate loses its color when a fungus begins to appear and develops in it. Nevertheless, the rather low cost of this roofing material, ease of installation can sometimes contribute to the fact that this material is the subject of choice for owners.

The roof of natural tiles of labor intensity in installation and has a high cost. This problem is solved by a metal tile, which is currently used everywhere.

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