Sewage device in your own house

At the very beginning of the construction of the house on their own, the system of sewer discharges should be considered. Initially, it is required to draw a detailed plan for the location of all plumbing in the premises. It is best to try to foresee all the little things in the alleged placement of shells, toilet rooms, dishwashers and washing machines, baths, in order to avoid annoying misunderstandings and subsequent work on the reconstruction of the entire system.

It is recommended at the same stage to determine the pumping stations for supplying water to all plumbing rooms. The pump will provide water from a neighboring source to a special reservoir located in the immediate vicinity of all home communications. On the Internet Savage website.UA/Index.PHP?Catalogue_id = 117 presented a large selection of pumps and stations for autonomous water support for all the required rooms. All models are made of stainless steel or cast iron, which guarantees their reliability and safety, not high cost and ease of operation.

Be sure to provide ventilation design for the quality of the entire system. This requires the supply of air from the street, which will contribute to the discharge inside the entire structure. If there is no way to remove the ventilation pipe outside the house, then it is advisable to provide it with a special valve, which will prevent the penetration of unpleasant odors into the dwelling and will let air into the sewer system.

All work on installing the sewer system is advisable to carry out the foundation. The slope of the sewer pipe depends on its main diameter, t.e. The larger the diameter, the less it should be its slope. Otherwise, this can lead to stagnation of solid household waste and the emergence of unpleasant odors. The main recommendations that can be given to all beginner builders boil down to the fact that the slope should be no more than 15 meters per linear meter of pipes.

The accession of sewer pipes is quite simple, especially when they are pre -lubricating with oily substances. You can control the work of the entire system using a simple garden hose, which is carried out inside the structure. When the water is turned on, the entire device is checked for possible leaks. And only after that can further work on the construction of your home can continue.