The structure and work of the diesel generator 100kW

Modern diesel generator 100 kW functions on the basis of fuel material, using the combustion of which electric energy begins to produce.

The structure of such units is as follows:

The device of the internal combustion engine is combined with a direct generator by means of a stationary bed or a special steel frame. The diesel generator device works using diesel fuel. Based on how the engine is connected to the generator, these devices are mobile or simply stationary. The operation of such devices is possible due to the constant and backup source of electrical support.

The correct selection of the required generator is possible if a person is well versed in the technical properties. For a diesel generator, a power factor is a very important. This is significant even from an economical point of view, since the cost of such generators is determined by this directly. There are complex formulas associated with the calculation of the necessary power. Qualified specialists should help you in such calculations and many other issues related to diesel generators.

For the normal functioning of a 100 kW diesel generator, a variety of external circumstances must be taken into account: temperature regime, relative humidity, pressure levels and the like. All these technical characteristics are always clearly established. Otherwise, the generator installation will have an overload, or the operational characteristics of the diesel engine will significantly decrease.

This diesel generator can be used in areas of activity as construction work, production processes, medicine, banking and transport systems and so on. 100 kW diesel generator for functioning at various factories, in the agricultural economy, inside shopping centers is quite suitable. Among other things, such units are used as a mobile energy source, for example, at concerts, a variety of festive celebrations, on filming cinema. They can be quite perfect for those organizations where a large number of electronic tools and devices function in parallel.

And today such a diesel generator is an indispensable device for many large enterprises.