Floor insulation with ordinary polystyrene foam slabs

This type of floor insulation can be done in several ways. Let us dwell on some of them.

The first type of insulation is the insulation of a concrete screed. He is the most difficult. But his huge plus in his reliability and strength. He is one of the most popular.

The second type is the use of a false floor on the lags. He is a very good option for floor insulation. Its price is not very large, as the polystyrene foam is used of slight strength.

The next type of insulation uses a floating inflorec. It requires high -density foam or extruded polystyrene foam.  Thanks to these materials, you can ensure the isolation of sound and heat. They will also not let the floor sink and increase comfort.

In general, floor insulation is not difficult. First, we lay the waterproofing on the black floor.  Black floor-it can be a concrete screed or something like that. For waterproofing seams, you can use tape.

They received insulation, foam plates can be laid on it. They need to be chosen in advance. To seal the seams between them, you can use a special foam for installation. Excess foam can be removed with a knife, only after drying.

After that, a dodgy woodener comes from above. To get a monolithic surface, it is necessary to fasten individual sheets among themselves. You can use two layers of a dodgy woodpile, which has overlapping seams. In order to glue these layers, you can use PVA. Thanks to this glue, the floors will not creak and the surface will be monolithic.

It is very important to remember the gap. It can be between the slabs and the wall and have a size of about 10-15 centimeters. This can be explained by a seasonal expansion.

You can buy polystyrene foam in packaging. It usually has a volume of approximately 0.3-0.4 m3. This will be quite enough for 3-4 m3 if the layer has a thickness of 10 cm. As for the dimensions, if the plates are in packages, then they have about 50-60 centimeters, and the length is about 100-120 centimeters. Slabs can be ordered in size, selected individually. The edges in turn can be like flat -so -so. The milling edges are used to connect a comb, that is, an overlap.  So less risk that there will be a cold bridge.

So, floor insulation is the most popular question today. It has a very great demand. And many settled on it.