Why is it worth ordering a turnkey house construction of a house from aerated concrete

When the decision comes to build a house, first of all you need to choose the material from which your home will be.

The choice is huge today. But many choose cellular concrete. Reasons why the house must be built from foam blocks a lot. Consider only some.

one. Foam concrete is easily processed. If necessary, it can be cut even by a regular saw. In addition, blocks can be milling, drilling, but with the help of more complex devices. The strokes are easily cut into foam block to lay communications. If you need to make an additional window or door, or you decide to put them larger, then the wall of foam block will easily provide this opportunity. A nail is very easily driven into the wall if you need to hang something light. For a heavier you need a special dowel.

2. The material of foam blocks is very homogeneous. Therefore, it can be cut as it is convenient. The wall of foam block is well placed.

3. As a result of construction, there is almost no waste. Even if one of the blocks crashes, then it can be glued back with special glue.

four. It is quite possible to afford the construction of a turnkey house. Aktivstroi aerated concrete and construction work have a low cost.

5. Aerated concrete has excellent thermal insulation properties. Single -layer is quite 37 centimeters so that the house is not cold in frosty weather.

6. Aerated concrete absorbs well and gives moisture, because the walls breathe easily. If you live in the flooding area, then definitely the house must be built from aerated concrete blocks. And the fact that aerated concrete will accumulate heat well, absorbs moisture, then there will always be a comfortable microclimate in the house.

7. Aerated concrete blocks have large sizes, which affects the speed of construction. In addition, the blocks weigh a little, which also does not complicate the construction. And the fact that blocks are easily cut, makes it possible to easily make angles.

eight. The start of the finishing work depends on the drying of the fastening solution. A gas concrete solution is a finished product. Which can guarantee the tightness of the wall and high technical characteristics.

9. If you decide to save on builders, then in principle you can do installation work yourself.

ten. Foam concrete can be bought at any wholesale warehouse. Therefore, the purchase will not cause problems. Although if the house is built by a construction organization, then the material can be cheaper than an independent purchase.