DIY ceiling

The easiest and most economical way to give the room a normal appearance and put it in order whitewashing the ceiling. This repair method is much cheaper than others, which is why the whitewashing of the ceiling with your own hands will not require large investments. If you want to paint the surface of the ceiling, then in this case you should use the whitewashing made of chalk or bastling lime. You can also update the surface of the ceiling with a roller using paints on a water -based basis. However, it is better to dwell on the first of the options. So what is needed to do this work with your own hands? To begin with, before moving on to the main job, you need to prepare the surface, remove the old whitewash from the ceiling. In order to complete this without unnecessary problems, you need to use warm water and scraper. This will greatly simplify your task. After you carefully cleaned the working surface, you need to cover the cracks in the plaster and smooth it out. Damaged plaster must be wiped with a solution of lime, with a lime in its composition in its composition and water. When using stuck lime during the preparation of the mixture, it is better to use sand, mixing it with lime, after which adding water. After the soil has completely dried, whitewashing itself is carried out. To facilitate labor and saving, it is better to use a spray gun. In the absence of this tool, the most optimal solution would be to use the roller. If you are seriously puzzled by how to remove the old whitewashing from the surface of the ceiling and wash it, you first need to find out what means processing was carried out. Only by correctly solving this problem, you can clean the working surface without much effort. It is much easier to get rid of whitewashing made by a solution of chalk than the coating made of their solution of lime. If you ran your hand over the ceiling, it means that it is covered with a solution of chalk, you are lucky, it is enough to treat such a ceiling with warm water, and you do not need to make special efforts when removing the old coating. Before carrying out work, this kind is strongly advised to take out all the excess from the room, the floor and furniture should be covered with a film made of polyethylene, because whitewashing the ceiling is a dirty, difficult and laborious process. When carrying out work, be sure to use protective glasses and a respirator so as not to clog the organs of vision and respiratory tract.