Pressing the ceiling

Despite the presence of many modern materials, one of the most popular types of ceiling decoration today is its whitewashing. The popularity of this method is due to the availability and ease of implementation. It should also be noted that the classic white ceiling looks elegant and stylish, it visually expands the room.

Preparation of the surface is responsible for the quality of whitewashing, so this procedure must be taken with all seriousness. First, the remnants of the old whitewash or other finishing coating are removed from the surface of the ceiling. Such a robot is carried out using a spatula or scraper. It is desirable to clear the floor slab. After cleaning, it is necessary to carefully inspect the ceiling for spots and rust and remove them. If this is not done, then they will definitely appear on the ceiling after a while.

Rust is removed using a solution of copper sulfate. The solution is prepared in a proportion of 50-100 grams of matter per liter of hot water. Fat spots are removed using a hot solution of calcified salt. The spots are covered with solution, and then cleaned with cold water. The stains of soot most often appear in the kitchen and are removed using a weak solution of hydrochloric acid.

Further from the surface of the ceiling, it is necessary to remove all scratches and unevenness. For this, putty is used. The modern building materials market offers the consumer a wide selection of putty, among which it is very easy to choose material depending on the physical and mechanical properties and prices.

A layer of primer is applied to the plucked surface. The primer is necessary at once for two reasons. Firstly, it will not allow whitewash to penetrate the ceiling. Secondly, it will bring whitewashing more evenly and high quality. The choice of primer is also not difficult due to a large number of offers on the market.

After the primer has dried up, you can start whitewashing. Whitewashing is carried out using chalk or lime composition, or water -based paint. Whitewashing in several layers is applied. The first layer is applied with a roller or a brush, all subsequent ones – a spray gunner. Drying must be carried out with closed windows, since drafts can provoke spots.

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