Pros and cons of stationary pools

Stationary pools are most often made using the base in the form of a reinforced concrete bowl of the required size and shape, a developed system of treatment equipment and durable, reliable finishes.

The project of such a reservoir is not cheap, however, like everything else, because on the quality of materials and professionalism when performing construction work, the result will be directly dependent. Of course, ideally, such pools should be designed and developed by specialists who have a proper level of education and experience in conducting such work.

As a matter of fact, when it comes to stationary pools, most people who understand this topic only one significant minus of concrete basins come to mind. This is their price, which, unfortunately, can be called high, of course, if the bathing pond itself is made correctly and meets all operational and sanitary standards. Indeed, in addition to the constructed concrete bowl, which received a decent waterproofing and lining, and the water that fills it, the “kit” of such a pool includes far from a far equipment responsible for the supply and removal of water from the pool, its filtration, heating, and lighting. The supply of electricity to the equipment system also requires a separate. Repair and maintenance costs – considerable.

Despite the high cost, all other points of characteristics of a stationary pool can be marked with a plus sign. Pools with concrete, correctly performed base – are the most durable, amenable to reconstruction, which meets such requirements as aesthetic attractiveness, simplicity and ease of use, reliability and fortress. Despite the difficulties and long terms for the construction of such a reservoir – the result will certainly be pleased for many years. How much – depends on the quality of the material and the work carried out.

The undoubted positive property of a properly executed stationary pool is its variability. This feature refers not only to the forms and sizes of the construction, but also to the countless series of design capabilities and decoration options. The most attractive trend is the finish using a special mosaic tile, which can not only beautifully decorate your place for bathing, but also enrich it with a variety of paintings. The most durable – the option of decorating the pool with tiles is considered, and the cheapest and fastest is the liner sheathing.