Selection of shades for each room

Based on knowledge about the meaning of color and its influence on human activity, it is possible to carry out the distribution of shades in the interior. It should be remembered that colors are divided into warm (it can be attributed to red, yellow) and cold, which includes blue and green shades.

For a room that goes to the south side of the building, the best option would be to use cold shades. They will create in it a feeling of cool freshness. On the north side of the house of the room, it is necessary to decorate in warm and bright shades. Also, cold shades should be used in rooms with windows that go east, and for the western side of the room the room should choose warmer tones.

The next step should be a specific determination of the value of the premises. For example, bedroom, children’s room, kitchen, etc.D. Thus, for a children’s room, it is better to choose soothing colors. If the baby is very small, it is better to take yellow, light pink and green. Avoid brown and similar dark shades.

You can configure the attention of the baby using flowers. For example, a desk against the background of the yellow walls will be able to help the student concentrate on tasks, since this color will cause interest in figurative and creative thinking. Red details in the interior will have a positive effect on activity, but can disrupt sleep.

A lilac, blue and pink color is suitable for the bedroom.

But if you are young and love everything unusual, then perhaps there is a need for deep and languid red color. In combination with soft intimate light, this color will serve the right seduction service.

By the way, a red tone is also allowed in the kitchen, especially if the kitchen room is small. Red color excites the nervous system and appetite. This means that your family will only eat and not linger in a cramped kitchen and try to go into the rooms faster with calmer tones.

Yellow living room always looks comfortable and festive. Celebrating various events here will be especially interesting.

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