EVERY DAY, Technology IS Developing, Scientists Are Developing New Materials. Construction is developing at a very rapid Pace, and People Who Acquire Real Estate Want Their Acquisition to Be Reliable and Durable. Here Are New Construction Technologies Try to Improve the Quality of Structures. Recently, Much Attenation Has Been Attracted to Itself Such a Question As Waterproofing. Water of Course is Life, BUT WHEN GROUNDWATER, OR CONDENSATE Begin to Interfer with Normallly Living, You Already Need to Defend Yourself Here, IF I May Say Say Say Say. IF the Humidity is Increased, Either in the Room Or in the Basement, this is Fraught with Bad Consequences. Starting with Mold and Various Fungi and Ending with Accelerated Deformation of Buildings, In Particular Foundations, Walls, ETC. For Example, Brick with High Humidity and Not Carried Out Waterproofing, IS Destroyed from 3 To 5 Times Faster. Of Course, We are not talking aBout Isolation Between The Foundation and the Wall, As Was Done Earlier by Roofing Material, for This is not Even A Speech. This is More than Important. This is that you neeed to isolate the entire Plane of the Foundation. For Such Purposes, They Havy Now Come Up with A Lot of Materials and Technologies, For Example, Hyperdesmo. ISOLATION OF YOUR Foundation, You Completly Protect Yourself from the Effect of Moisture on the Structure. ALSO The Necessary Event During Construction Isulation. Insulation not only Walls and Ceiling, But Also The Foundation, Gender.

Modern Technologies Are Sufficiently Developed to Conduction with One Material, As Well as Waterproofing Walls and Any Other Surface. One of the Most Popular Now is the Mastic of Hyperdesmo. It is Easily Applied to Any Surface, and it Stained Forms a Dense Layer of Hydro- and Thermal InSulation. It is Practically Not Realistic to Damage Such a Layer, BecAuse The Mastic Itself Is Very Storong, Plus it Has a Very High Adhesion to the Wall. The Totality of All Factors Makes Such a Processing of the Foundation Almost Indispensable and Extemely Necessary. And in Order for the Waterproofing to be More Effective, You Need to Equip a Special Water System Around the House, Which Will Not Give Hive, From Rain, Snow Andow Andwws. So Let’s Summarize a Small Result. Waterproofing in Modern Construction Is Necessary for a Number of Reasons, Using New Materials and Technologies, This Can Be Performed Quickly, Efficial QUICKYLY, EFFICIENTLY.