Geosquet, Its Varieties and Scope of Application

Synthetic Fibers Constantly Increase The Range of Areas of Use in the Life of A Modern Person. This is Due to the fact that Natural Material Cannot Provide Such High Resistance to a Sufficiently Large of Reagents as Chemical Fiber.

These Materials Cani Include a Geogrid, Geotextiles, As Well as Geosets and Other Similar Materials. Modern Manaufacturers Offer a Large Number of Modifications and Varieties of Geoset. This Material Can Be Produed by A Wide Variety of Manoufactoring Methods. According to the Manoufactoring Options, A Geosquet Can Be:

Extrude or Made by Means of Flat Stretching of a “Endless” Sheet of Polypropylene or Polyethylene, In Which Holes are Made at Some Distance. Further, this Perforated IS AGain Stretched, But Already in 2 Directions (Transverse and Longitudinal). This is how Biaxial Geosets are Creed. During Stretching in One Direction – Monoxial.

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Lattice and Woven, Made by Weaving of Threads at Right Angles. They Are Performed on Specially Designed Looms for this. They Are Divated into:

With a Simple Thread, Which is the Basis of a Simple Canvas Where, from Below and From ABOVE, At An Equal Distance From One Another, Complement Threads ADAJACE.

With Double Thread – this is the most Important Structural Version of the Currently Available GeeSet. The Thread On the Duck Passes Into the Thread of the Base In Certain Places, Which Helps to Purchase Fixed Cellular Structures of Stript Shape.

Thread -type or Knitted. 3 Systems with Styling Are Made from Threads with The Help of A Founded Special Equipment At Once.

The Manoufactoring Option and the Composition of the Geosteas Will Determine the Area of Their Use:

One. In the Construction of Roads for Reinforcing Soil and Asphalt Coatings, To Protect the Earth From Erosion and Perform Embankments on Weak Bases. As Well as for Separation of Drainage and Layers.

2. In Railway Construction to Perform Embankments on a Weak Basis, Performing Walls and Slopes, and Creating Anti -Erosion Protiation of Slopes.

3. With the Creation of Landfills.

Four. In the Construction of Airports.

5. In the Hydraulic tank.