Waterproofing of the Foundation Assing A Mastic of Hyperdesmo

With Any Construction, The Start of Work Is the Installation of the Foundation. Different Foundations are used for constructions. Very Offen, Block Reasons for Installing. With Such A Foundation, By and Large, You can save on matrials. In General, this is a Profitable Technology for the Installation of Blocks – Small Expenses. But, They Havy One Minus – Waterproofing. TheFore, it is More Profitable to uce the device of monoblocks. Lack of Joints, Avoids The Process of Filling Them with Concrete Solution. This Process Takes Place Before Waterproofing Work. The Foundation Protection System and WaterprooproProProProProProProProProPROOKS THE TECHNIQUCE OF WATERPROOFING PLATES of the Floor and the Walls of the Fundation. Work Carried Out According to All the Norms and Rules of Technology Ensures Safety of Structures, As Well as a Long Service of the Object. Waterproofing is Carrried out on the vitaly plate. It is Made on Crushed Stone, Which is Poured to the Bottom of the Pit and Rammed. This Layer Cuts Moisture from the Stove. A Thin Layer of Vypeton Is Carrried Out on this Layer. The You Need to Wait Until the Mixture of Concrete Dries and Takes The Necessary Rigidity. The Waterproofing Layer Is Applied to the Concrete Plate in Accordance with the Technologies. This Process Is Performed by the Mastic of Hyperdesmo. It is Stained in Two Layers. A Concrete Sheet is Applied to the Reinforcing Cage, Which is the Laid on a Plate of Mastic. At the end of all the work, the choice of the form of the foundation gos to the other of the Building. The Client Has the Right to Choose Any Type of Foundation – It Caner Monoblock and Multi -Block. The Waterproofing of the Dripperseman Is Applied Not from the Inside of the Structures, But Also from the Outside of the Fundation. Which Will Ensure Moisture Resistance, Water Resistance, As Well as Protect from Chemical and Thermal Effects (At Low Consumption). IS ALSO Important that WaterProoproProoprooprooprooprooping Is Carried out Professional Builders. Otherwise, Serious Problems May Arise in Technology and Installation. After all, the Installation of the Foundation and Its Waterproofing Is Not Easy. There are a Lot of Subtleties and Nuances. It is Advisable to Entrust Your Object to Specialists of a Narrow Profile, High Qualifications for the Purpose OFAROS NOT REPEN THE WATERPROOOOFING OF THE WATERPROOOFING OF THE FUNDAMENTAL. In this case, Problems May Arise. But not yet Beneficial from an eConomic Point of View. SO it shoup ​​be Taken Into Account. SO it shoup ​​be Taken Into Account.