Using profiled sheets

For a dozen years for the top material in construction and other adjacent areas have been used by profiled sheets. This is the most universal product made of galvanized steel, used in the overlap of partitions and the construction of the walls of buildings. In addition, the corrugated board proven himself well as roofing material.

It is interesting that since the invention of this technology in the mid -nineteenth century, the technique of using the cold rolling method has not changed much. To give overpowers, sheets can be made in a wave -like or trapezoidal shape. The steel base of corrugated board provides the necessary stiffness to the walls and bearing overlaps.

Among other advantages, it is also worth highlighting the following:

Easy installation.

Special tools are not needed for this, and the sheet itself will help to compensate for the possible irregularity of the surface. In the field of use, the sheets themselves are wall, roofing and bearing.

Corrosive resistance.

No physical or chemical damage is terrible galvanized steel with a polymer coating. Moreover, the life of the operation in no way is reduced even under the influence of an aggressive environment. Leaf coatings can be from acrylic, polyester, polyvinyl chloride or polyurethane.

Color spectrum.

Corrugated board is presented in the widest spectrum of colors. Regardless of purpose – whether it is a leaf for a fence or roof – you can choose a shade that perfectly harmonizes with the exterior of the building.

The sheets themselves weigh very little. Making the building strong at the expense of their technical characteristics, they free you from unnecessary expenses for additional building materials.

It is worth noting that the coating plays a large role in the anti -corrosion of profiled sheets. Protective layers are applied in such a way as to protect the corrugated board from any influences. But if the coating is damaged, it is better to change the sheets, since their service life will soon end.

Be also prepared for the fact that corrugated board, like any other metal, has the effect of a “drum”, that is, enhances any sound. In order for living in a house with a roof of profiled sheets to be comfortable, before laying corrugated board, it is necessary to mount a roofing pie from mineral wool. This material absorbs any noise well and is indispensable when laying the roof.

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