Using Profile Pipes

Pipes with Various Section Can Be Called Specialized, Their Varietal Is Quite Large. The Section Can Havy A Rectangular, Oval Or Other Shape. BUT THEY SHARE PROFESSIAL PIPE NOT ONLY in the Forms and Materials Used, But by the Methods of Processing the Edges, by the Methods of Production and Application.

The Nuances of Production

To the Pressent Day They Use A Professional Tube in Various Direction, So High -quality Raw Materials for Their Manuapacture Are Important. To Make Welned Professional Pipes, They Take Metal Sheets Supplied in Rolls (Bar). During the Production Process, The Following Stages Take Place:

Barps Sheets Are Cut Into Strips of a Certain Width;

The Stripes are welded and the Form an endless Tape Put on a Drum Device – This Allows You To Set the Continuity of the Process;

The Tape Falls on the Rollers that Process It and Twist it inteo the workpiece with Open Seams;

The Seams Are Treated with Welding.

Pipe Workpiece Can Be Weldeed with Different Methods: Induction Currents, Tungsten Electrode, Laser Beam, Electrodes, Plasma Buncheses. According to Qualitating Characteristics, a Seam with a Tungsten Electrode is Consedered the Best, So Pipes Processed in the Way Are On Higher Cost. Reduces The Pipes for a Third of Welding with Induction Currents, But Such Products CanD Used Not in Critical Areas, SincE They Have Low Quality. Round Professional Papers Are Formed by Hot Or Cold Deformation, Cut Into Areas of Standardized Length and Stored.

Seamless Professional Pipe Are Consedered More Expensive At a Price – Their Technological Process Is More Complicated and More Costly. Initially, At the Factory, Blanks with Round Security are Heated to the Plasticity Point of the Metal. ON SPECIAL EQUIPMENT, A SLEEVE (WorkPiece) IS Obtained, Which is Processed USING SEVERAL ROLLERS. In the Future, the Sleeve Is Pulled Out and the Diameter and Thickness of the Walls of the Desired Parameters are obtained. Cold -deformed Professionals Give in Additional Heat Treatment. In Construction, They Are not Recommeded to Be Used Due to the Fact That Heat Treatment that Not Event Conducts, They Lose Their Properties. The Walls of the Professional Tube Cange of 1-11 Mm and ARLECTEDDENING OF THE FEATURES OF THE Application. Have Professional Tributes with High Mechanical Strength, For Which They Are Appreciated.