About the festival of national cuisine in Bali

There is a famous food festival in Ubud. This cultural festival takes place every year with the aim of spreading local cuisine all over the world.

The festival attracts several thousand spectators. Each of them will be able to taste the best Balinese delicacies, take part in master classes and competitive programs.

The festival does not have a clear binding to the date, so every year it takes place on a different day. It began to be held quite recently – since 2015. Its subject matter is not limited to cooking food alone. In addition to catering representatives, photographers, artists, scientists, and a historian come to the holiday.

As Ubud is considered the cultural capital of Bali, it was chosen as the venue of the festival. It was here that famous restaurants appeared, famous for their incredible dishes from chefs.

On this day, the city becomes the center of attraction not only for the inhabitants of the island, but also for the whole of Indonesia. Each guest wishes to become a part of the grand festival, which drags on for several days.

The program of the event includes:

  • demonstration of viands;
  • tastings and gatherings;
  • exhibitions where you can buy ingredients for dishes;
  • gastronomic tours;
  • screenings of films related to the theme of the festival;
  • musical and dance performances;
  • conducting master classes;
  • yoga classes.

The best chefs perform on the main stage, with whom you can chat and ask questions.

Among the participants are also the most famous cafes and restaurants that send their dishes for tasting. They are displayed on stylized shelves.

Those who wish to attend this event buy season tickets for 1,2 or 3 days. They also differ in the number of venues and performances that a guest can visit.