Bali Real Estate Investment

The highest occupancy rate in Bali is for housing in the territory of the “fashion triangle”: Seminyak–Kerobokan–Changu.

There are the most places for recreation and entertainment: restaurants and cafes, water parks, gyms and tennis courts. For lovers of active pastime there is surfing, diving, rafting, snorkeling. Tourists love this area, the demand for real estate is always high, and the risk of location is minimal, so here we are building The Umalas Signature apartment complex.

Real estate investments in Bali have many risks, but they are lower than in other countries due to:

  • tourist flow and high demand for rental housing;
  • continuous development of the island and construction of major projects;
  • political neutrality of the country;
  • stable developing economy;
  • low volatility of the Indonesian rupiah.

When buying, you need to take into account:

  • property type;
  • location;
  • supply and demand in the market;
  • the control system after the commissioning of the facility;
  • depreciation.

If you choose the right object for investment, you will be able to earn 15% per annum in dollars.