The most popular holidays in Bali

Taking into account the fact that a regular calendar is used as a chronology in the country, local citizens count the time according to several national calendars. According to them, the main holidays of Bali are determined.

Among the main holidays is the Galungan festival, which means the blessing of the Supreme God. In part, the holiday is similar to Christian Christmas. For 10 days, a solemn procession takes place, in which everyone dressed in festive clothes takes part.

No less interesting festival on the island is called Makepung. The celebration takes place from July to November every Sunday. Steeplechase races are held in the southern part of the island, in the Djembrana region. An exciting event in which harnessed bulls take part is an exciting competition between 2 teams. In addition, buffaloes dress up in colorful robes and demonstrate all their power and beauty.

In the last days of July, the Cayote Festival begins in Bali. The holiday is held in order to appease the meadow wolves. Before launching a kite into the sky, local residents conduct religious rituals, adhering to original traditions. Music is heard from all corners of the resort, the festival smoothly flows into a large-scale carnival.

At the resort, you can observe quite strange holidays, if you compare them with the traditions of other peoples. For example, usaba samba is arranged in Tenganan, which means fighting for an attractive young lady. The festival begins in the last days of June and lasts until July. Valiant knights use bamboo shields and large leaves as weapons. The beautiful half watches interesting competitions sitting on the trail and assessing the capabilities of rivals.

Among the no less unusual holidays is the Ngerebong festival, which means “killed, but alive”. The strong half falls into a trance, then plunges the saber into the body. However, this is not the end of the matter – no blood is shed during the “sacrifice”. It is generally believed that in this way the holy spirit protects men.

An interesting festival called the Kissing Festival is taking place in Sesetan province. During the event, all the young people go outside, and the guys kiss unfamiliar girls. The point is that the young man needs to kiss as many young ladies as possible, and participation in the festival will definitely bring good luck, which will accompany throughout the year. After passionate kisses, young people are watered with cold water. The event takes place on the island the day after the New Year. On the eve of the holiday, a ceremony is held on the island associated with the purification of the soul.

Traditional events can also be attended at the resort. For example, the main carnival, which lasts a little more than a week, is called Odalan. The holiday begins in mid-February. During this period, all the inhabitants of the island put on clothes that help to recreate the image of monsters. Locals walk around the city in such outfits. The carnival procession is accompanied by music, national dances, songs.

3 weeks before the Galungan celebration, the harvest festival takes place. The festival is very bright and colorful, covering the entire island. During the event, it is customary to present gifts to trees. Thus, the Balinese show their gratitude to nature. Since local citizens live in harmony with the surrounding nature, it is not surprising that the resort is often compared to a paradise, which is especially felt during the event.

There is a festival of local cuisine in Kuta. The celebration begins in the last days of July and lasts until mid-August. In addition to the culinary program and tasting of prepared dishes, noisy carnivals, sports competitions, grandiose fireworks await all guests of the holiday.

In the first days of March, a jazz festival is held in Bali, in which famous musicians take part. Everyone will be able to attend concerts and enjoy the sounds of jazz melodies. At the festival you can see not only famous Balinese jazzmen, but also musicians from different countries.

Throughout June, a festival is held in Denpasar, which presents masterpieces of art – paintings, sculptures, handmade souvenirs. During the national event, music sounds on the streets of the resort, culinary competitions are held.

In mid-September, the festival begins, which lasts 6 days. During the village festival, which is celebrated on a large scale in Sanur, entertaining musical competitions are organized, a carnival is held.

In the middle of spring, Ubud celebrates the yoga festival. Everyone can learn the basics of yoga, get acquainted with the mastery of massage. In the evening, guests of the festival are invited to listen to live music.