Types of real estate in Bali

The world is changing very fast. Investments in European real estate, which previously brought a good income and made it possible to obtain a residence permit or citizenship in Europe, have become unsafe.

Foreign property is being taken away from Russians.

At the same time, new, more profitable and interesting investment options are opening up. According to various sources, the highest profitability in the world from real estate investments is in Bali.

In fact, any real estate has enough risks, and if you guessed right with the country for investment, then you can burn out on the type of housing. For example, buy a remote villa in an area where apartments are popular, and the yield will be much lower than expected.

To avoid this, analyze the demand: study the area, read the forums of travelers, ask developers what options are now interesting to tourists.

There are 2 main types of housing in Bali: villa and apartment. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Apartments are the best option for renting and the most affordable option. There are few of them on the market, because it is difficult to obtain a permit for the construction of this type of housing, respectively, and competition among developers is low.

Apartments are in demand among tourists, because the territory usually has everything necessary for living and recreation. So if you buy a quality object, it will not be difficult to rent it out, and the income will be high.

A private villa has many disadvantages, it requires constant care and control.

Natural wood is often used in the decoration, which deteriorates in the open space. Housing is rapidly losing its marketable appearance, and vacationers do not want to live in it. The investor is forced to invest money in repairs, and the longer it takes and the more it costs, the less the owner earns.

An option that combines the advantages of a private villa and an apartment is a villa on the territory of the complex. It has its own territory, round-the-clock security, and a special company is engaged in management and service. The demand for such villas is much higher than for private ones.