During what period is it worth to rest on the island of Bali

Bali has summer all year round, but it’s different. Each season has its pros and cons — you will have to compromise.

Bali has a rainy season from December to March. Many people think that it rains around the clock at this time, but this is not the case. Sometimes it’s just cloudy. From time to time it drizzles all day or there are showers that last for an hour. The temperature during the day is about 30 degrees, at night — 28-29. When the sun comes out, it bakes a lot. Water — fresh milk, 30 degrees.

From June to September is the dry season. At this time, Bali is noticeably cooler: 26-27 degrees. In conditions of high humidity, a difference of three degrees feels like seven in the middle latitudes. The water is also getting colder — 25-26 degrees. It’s nice to swim, but just sitting in the water is no longer very good. Surfers at this time ride in wetsuits 1-2 mm thick.

November and April are very hot. The sun bakes all day — you can get burned in 15 minutes. Even expats who are used to the climate begin to complain and sit in air-conditioned rooms during the day. Therefore, it is comfortable to be outdoors until nine in the morning and after five in the evening.

In May, September and October, the best weather for recreation, in my opinion. It’s not so hot anymore, 27-28 degrees, and sunny. The water is still a pleasant temperature, about 28 degrees.

Sometimes nature makes adjustments. For example, in 2016 there was almost no precipitation in January, but in July it rained every day for an hour. But this is rather an exception: I have seen this once in seven years.

The high season in Bali is the European New Year, July and August. There are more tourists and traffic jams at this time. There are still a lot of Russians for the May holidays. If you study at a Russian surfing school, the groups will be large.

In March, on the new moon, Balinese celebrate their New Year — Nyepi. It is believed that evil spirits fly over the island at this time. Balinese pretend that the island is uninhabited: they stay at home, turn off the lights and do not cook food. Tourists are also not allowed to leave the territory of the hotel or villa. Bali airport is the only one in the world that does not work all day because of a religious holiday.