Accommodation options for tourists in Bali

Hotels are usually occupied by those who travel alone or together and want it to be cheaper, but with a swimming pool.

It can also be safer in a hotel: there are guards there. For $30⁣ per night, you can find a nice room in a 5-minute walk from the beach. It is better to look for hotels on “Agoda”: prices are slightly lower than on “Booking”, and there are many discounts.

In Bali, you can find very cheap accommodation up to $ 150⁣ per month. But it will be a small room, a bed with a sagging mattress, a fan and only cold water. If you do not need to fit into the minimum budget, I do not advise you to consider hotels cheaper than $ 25⁣ per night: it can be uncomfortable there.

Houses and villas are being searched on AIRBNB. It is more pleasant to live in a small house than in a hotel. The house has more privacy, a kitchen, a garden where you can barbecue and sunbathe in any form. If a company is traveling, a house or villa will be even cheaper than a few hotel rooms.

Beautiful spacious villas with two or three bedrooms cost from $ 100⁣ per night. These are better to look for and book in advance, especially if you are planning a trip in high season. For example, it is advisable to take care of finding housing for the New Year holidays in the summer. If you need a villa with 5-6 bedrooms, even more so. There is no upper price bar: there are even luxury mansions in Bali.

Houses worth $400-500 a month may look beautiful in photos, but in reality there is mold on the walls. If you are going to Bali for a month or longer, I advise you to inspect the house before booking. To do this, you can look at the options on AIRBNB, check into a hotel for two or three days and arrange a meeting with the owners of the houses. In high season, this option may not work: good houses are quickly dismantled.

If you choose a house on arrival, you can save money. In January 2018, my friends checked into a hotel and found several options on AIRBNB. When we went to look at the houses, the first one turned out to be shabby and uncomfortable. The second option suited the friends, and they agreed with the owner about a discount. We saved 2.3 million rupees.

Favorable offers appear in the group “Life in Bali” on Facebook. The cheapest two-bedroom house on AIRBNB cost $1,352⁣ per month.