Choosing a transport for tourists on the island of Bali

Bali is a big island without public transport. To get around Bali, you will have to take a taxi, rent a car or bike. Long-distance buses run between the districts, but I have never heard of any tourists using them.

They walk on highways and do not enter the narrow streets of tourist areas.

Taxis are expensive and not always convenient. There are narrow streets in tourist areas, cars are often in traffic jams, and taxi drivers are unhurried. Often they don’t turn on the meter and raise prices. If you still decide to take a taxi, I recommend insisting on paying by the meter. In Balinese it is “Meter”. The minimum cost of the trip is 50,000 rupees, even if you have to drive a couple of kilometers. A trip of 20 minutes will cost about 100,000 rupees.

200 Rubles is the minimum cost of a taxi ride to Bali. Catching a taxi is easy only in Kuta and Seminyak. There they drive along the main streets. In Changu and other areas, taxis arrive only on call. To do this, you need to call a local number and explain the address to the dispatcher with minimal knowledge of English.

Motorcycle taxi is a convenient and inexpensive way to travel within the nearest areas. The Go-Jek mobile app allows you to call a scooter with a driver. A kilometer costs 2000 rupees. There are a lot of drivers in Changu, Seminyak and Kuta, but there are almost none in Bukit. Orders for long-distance trips, for example, from Changu to Nusa Dua, are taken reluctantly. You can spend a lot of time and end up without a driver. In the center and to the north of the island “Go-jack” is also not lucky.

Bike is the most convenient and cheapest way to move around the island. You can find rental offices in Google and book a bike on the website, but it will cost twice as much for small private renters.

In private companies, a small Honda Vario-ef-ai costs 45-60 000 rupees per day. It is convenient to ride it alone for short distances and in traffic jams: it is narrow and nimble. A wide and comfortable N-max costs 100,000 rupees per day. It comfortably accommodates two people, and the landing and depreciation are such that you can drive 150 km in a day and not get tired.