Using cork coatings in the interior of the apartment

Decoration of modern housing, most often made of artificial materials. Most synthetic materials have a texture similar to a natural stone, straw mat, wood or fabric. However, the use of non -natural products harms the microclimate in the apartment. Therefore, it is better to give preference to natural materials, for example, cork coating.

In Kyiv, a cork for a laminate substrate is offered in the Domprobki online store. On the site  .UA/ you can find a traffic jam for laminate and parquet from leading manufacturers and at the best prices. The cork for laminate, parquet and parquet board is offered here in the assortment and when choosing you can navigate both under the shade and the functional characteristics of the product.

Traffic jam – universal material with the qualities of all synthetic products. The cork coating is used for the interior decoration of the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom. This material is glued absolutely everywhere, and also plays the role of a substrate for laminate or parquet. For those who were recommended to purchase such a product as a sound insulation cork, the house will offer the most favorable prices. After all, only here all products are offered directly from manufacturers, without a chain of intermediaries and unnecessary overpayment.

The coatings from the cork do not absorb moisture, allow you to create sealed adhesion to the floor or wall, is not amenable to friction and is not destroyed when impacts. With physical exposure, the cork coating restores its shape. It is thanks to such qualities that the traffic jam is considered an excellent sound insulator.

Before installing any coating, including cork, you should prepare the surface in advance. First, the old finish is removed, the wallpaper is removed and the crackled plaster is beaten off. If necessary, you can level the surface from defects.

Possessing excellent soundproofing qualities, cork products give the apartment special nobility. Since this material has a natural wood base, its texture is perfect for wooden cottages. The effectiveness of the material as a sound insulator also depends on its characteristics – the most inexpensive products usually less qualitatively capture noise. Sound insulation from the house is high quality.