Using ceramic facade tiles

The material for the manufacture of ceramic facade tiles is natural clay of various varieties. Therefore, ceramic facade tiles are one of the safest and most environmentally friendly finishing materials. The production of such a tile is a complex labor-intensive process, as a result of which you get high-quality finishing material, which can be used for external wall decoration in various conditions. In this case, the wall or brick masonry, which is under the tile, is usually lined directly. Facade tiles are particularly ease, while the load on the bearing wall is slight.

However, for this reason, ceramic construction tiles cannot be used as a supporting building material. However, even the usual dull gray concrete wall, facade tiles will turn into an attractive brick facade. At the same time, ceramic facade tiles have a very wide selection of color shades, so you can easily choose the necessary tile color for your home. Ceramic facade tiles have a number of advantages that distinguish it from the variety of other finishing materials. In particular, ceramic tiles are a rather practical material, since it is not afraid of spots and is a very wear -resistant. Such external decoration is not afraid of scratches, shocks, as well as cracks. Ceramic tiles perfectly carry out heat, which sometimes allows even to abandon the additional insulation of the structure.

Such tiles tolerates the changes and fluctuations in temperature well and is generally quite frost -resistant, you can safely use ceramic facade tiles in cold climate conditions. This finishing material is durable, which will lead to long -term savings of your cash. Ceramic tiles can be used to finish the most diverse types of facades. Another plus is fire resistance, since construction ceramics are not susceptible to fires. This is an extremely important factor in country house -building, since fire safety often plays a decisive role in choosing building material for building a country house or cottage. The most popular in construction has been the so -called clinker ceramic tiles in construction.

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