Using artificial stone

Artificial stone is a modern full -fledged imitation of a natural natural type of stone, in the manufacture of which modern synthetic materials and special technologies are used. All structures made from this type of stone create a half illusion of naturalness. Like natural stone, artificial has a wide selection of textures and shapes, as a result of which in construction it is used mainly for decorative purposes.

Artificial decorative stone is probably used even more often than a natural type of stone. Facing artificial decorative materials that can imitate unprocessed granite, marble or wild stone, decorate the interiors and facades of many modern apartments and houses.

When using such artificial stone, which can be purchased at the address, architectural elements completely unexpected in shape are obtained: artificial, boulders, rocks, ruins, decorative fountains, ponds, benches, sculptures. The technologies of manufacturing such material make it possible to simulate ceramics or wood, since the world of varieties of decorative stone is truly limitless.

At the moment, there are two main directions of using artificial decorative stone. The first of them implies the use of this material as interior items that imitate stone sculptures or countertops. Second – finishing of interiors and facades with such material.

Mass manufacturers, as well as creative workshops, are engaged in the production of such material. Both of these manufacturers use the same materials, but in the work of the master no stamps are used, the texture and shape of the stone is performed manually. As a result of this, such work is equated with art, the result of which is an exclusive architectural form and decoration.

In this case, the use of artificial stone is not a compromise between the result and cost, but the need to achieve individual processing of each individual element. When using this method, absolutely original things can be created: ancient ruins, stone caves, natural thunders, ancient castles and many other things. The uniqueness of any of these objects is guaranteed by the way to make it.