USING A METAL MESH for Screeding Floors.

Cautition in the Apartment, You Probably Though ABOUT Replacing the Sexes. And you Definitely Had a Question: How to Make A Good Screen So That Turns Out Durable and Serves as Long As Possible. Typically, for the manufacture of a Strong Screed, Reinforced Is Carried out with a metal net. With this Method, The Coating Strength is Achieved at 4 Cm Thick. And if you use Another Method, The Coating Will Gain Gain Strength AT 7 CM Thick. At the Same Time, You Can Buy a Metal Grid in Any Construction Store.

Due to Its Properties, A Metal Mesh is Very Offten Used When Reinforcing Floors. This is a Very Convenent and Practicallly Unscrupulous Material for this Type of Work. Let’s See Together What is Still a Screen Grid. Offen The Grid is Taken the Most Common, Which is used to Reinforce Concrete Masonry Or Floor Screen. For Example, A Metal WelDed Mesh, 15×15 OR 10×10 Cells is Actively Used to Reinforce the Majority of Screen.

A Knitted Grid Thickness, Which is Approximatly 3-4 Millimeters, Iso Suitable for Screeding Floors. These Options are used in constructions, since it is the good there the Necessary Properties. In the Event that a Large Load Is Providend on the Floor, For Example, If the Floor is not in the Living Room, But in the Trade Floor In Any Other Public Place. The Floor Scree in Such Rooms, It is Necessary to Use the Grid Much Strongger. The Thickness of the Screen Increase Accordingly To 7-15 CM and Will Depend on the Load.

The Price of A Steel Grid, Which IS Used for Reinforceement, Will Be Slightly Higher, But At the Same It May Have A Standard Side of Cellls. Perhaps the most Important Thing is What to Think ABOUT in the ManUFACTURED SCREED IS that METAL GRID BE IN THE MIDLEAD, and not at ITS BASE ORA ORO SURO SURFACE. Achieve Such a Result Withaout Making Special Efforts, You can usage stacial stands on Which a metal mesh is lad.

Only in This Way Will The Net Lie in the Place in the It Shoup Be in the Screed and Only THE SAY THE MAXIMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUMUM. Of Course, there Other Methods of Reinforce. SO, For Example, Solutions with Fiber -fiber, In Their Composition They Contain Polymeric Materials. But The Most Traditional Material Was and Remains a Metal Grid.