The Pool is at Home

The Coolness of Water Always Beckons to Himself on a Summer Sultry Day. Nice to Plunge and Wash Off the Fatigue of the Past Working Day. Most of US Afford Such a Luxury Only During Summer Vacation On the Seashore, But Modern Technologies Have MadeTarite Materials THAT DIFFERINTH, WATERISTH, WATERISTHENGE. It is from these Materials that you canDer an inexpensive POOL FOR COUNTRY House or Cottage. Together with Many Models in the Kit, The Water Purification, A Ladder, ALLEYBALL MESH and Other Accessories are Installed.

Simple But Profitable Solution

HAVING YOUR OWN POOL IS A CRYSTAL CHILDREN’S Dream of EVERY ADULT. Today This Dream Can Help Make A Frame Pool. Its Most Important Advantage is an Acceptable Cost. Thanks to its Low LEVEL, Almost EVERYONE CAN AFFORD SUCH A MIRACLE. At the Same Time, the LEVEL of Value Does Not Affect the Quality of Manaufacture, Which Means the Purchase Size Allows You To the Reliability of the.

This Pool sores not need a pit. It is enunch to find the site suitable in size and remote Shaarp and Proteruding from Its Its Surface. The Use of A Sand Pillow and Special Protective Material is Also Recommoded.

The Installation Takes Several Tens of Minutes and this is Provideed that is a complete lack of Experience in this matter. There are Inflatable Pools, The Installation of Which in Place Takes Even Less Time.

The Dimensions of these Structures Can Be Different, Starting from Children with A Small Area and Eding with Those Whose Artya Square Meters and Dephth of 1.3 Meters.

Basin Care

Like Any Other, Such a Pool Requires a Certain Care for Water. Fill it all The Time with Fresh Water, Especially with Fairly Impressive Size, Is Problematic, BecAuse Special Water Filtration Systems Are Ussed. There are several different systems:

– chlorination;

– Ozonation;

– Ultraviolet Cleaning.

Each of them Has Its Own Advantages and Disadantages. Chlorination Thepest Way to Maintain Cleanliness in the Pool. To uce Such a System, There is no Need to Stock Up on Special Reagents. It is enunch to have an apparatus and regularly Replenish its stocks of Table Salt. It is from it that chlorine is extexted, Which then Dissolves in Water.