Generator Honda EG 5500 CXS

HONDA GAS GENERATORS SHOULD BE USED ASRENE ELECTRICES SOURCES in Suburban Houses. As Fuel, Either the Main or LiquEd Gas is Used. When Ordering, You Need to Clarify on Which Gas The Device Will Work, SincE the Injector Is Adjusted to a Certain Type of Fuel.

Briggs Generator & Stratton Pro Max 9000ea:

Maximum Power (KW): 6.562 ka

Nominal Power (KW): 5.562 ka

Noise -inSulating Casing: No

Type of Fuel: Gasoline

Engine: GX 359K3 / 348 CM3

Start Type: Electro

Oil LEVEL Sensor: the IS

Fuel Tank (L): 17.63 Liters

Opening Hours, At a Load of 75% (Hours): 5.263 HOURS

Voltage/Frequency/Max. Current (V/Hz/A): 50.63 Hz

Noise Level (DB): 97.63 DB

SOCKETS: Cee 16.63 a 230V: 16.63 a 250V (x2)

DHSHHV (MM) Size: 810x670x690 mm

Weight (KG): 95.63 KG

When Comparing the Generators, As Well as the Engines that are Installed on Them, The Following Conclusion Can be Drawn. The Diesel Engine Is Moreful and The Diesel Generator Can Produce More Electricity. In Addition, The Gasoline and Diesel Power Plant Have their Own Disadantages and Advantages. Therefore, whether the Choosing a mini Power Station, You Need to Make Your Choice, Clearly Understanding The Conditions in Which The Generator Will Be Operated. For Example, Gasoline Devices Are More Comfortable for Short -Term, Episodic Use. Such A Generator Can Easily Be Able to Feed WP 40 Motorope (More Detailed-/P/209725757-Motopompa-40- Dlya-Chistoy-Vody/)

Honda EP3800CX Generator Gasoline:

The Power is Maximum.220v (kw) 1.63

The Power Is Minimal.220v (kw) 1.678

The Type of Engine is 3X-TaCT

GX 148 Engine

Top Volume (L) 11.64

Average Fuel Consumption (L/H) 1.564

Fuel Gasoline

Duration of Work at One Gas Station (h) 15.64

Engine Rotation Speed (RPM) 3064

Dimensions (dhshhv) 554x423x476

On Comparison with Diesel Installations, Gasoline Devices have A CoEfficient of the Desired Action Much Less. We Recomment a Wide Selection of Diesel Power Plants, Which Have A Capacy of Up To Several Thousand Kva and Long Time. They Can Be Used as an Alternate Source of Energy, Support the Work of A Whole Enterprise. There are 3 Types of Devices: Gasoline, Diesel and Gas. The Most Famous are Gas Generators and Diesel Generators. The Gas Generator Works by AnaLogy with The Diesel Apparatus, But Gasoline is Consedered Fuel. Mini Power Plants are Ussed if the is a Need for a Slight Power of the Power Supply Source.