Autonomous Service Systems for Private House

It is Difficult to Imagine The Life of A Modern Person Without Modern Amenites – Hot Water, Heating, Sewage. The Desire of Many Residents of Megacites to Leave The City Hustle and Bustle in the Countryside, Closer To Nature, Offen Comes Across the Absenide of theste Very Amenites.

However, Modern Technologies Make It Possible to Create A Completed Habitat in the Most Provincial Places. The Possibility of Organizing Autonomous Service Systems RaISES Life Outside the City to a Completel Comfortable Level.

The Basis of All Autonomous Service Systems of a Private Country Lady is the Water Supply System. The Heating and Sewage System IsTricably Linked with it it.

The Organization of the Water Supply System Directly Dependes on the Proximity of Reservoirs or Wells. In the Event that Centralized Water Supply System Takes Place Nearby, the Connection of the Pumping Station to the Water SupPly Solves One of the Main Problems.

A Heating System Is Attached to the Water Supply System, Which Is Based on a Heating Boiler. Heating Boilers are Several Types, The Main Classical is by the Number of Contours. Single -circuit Boilers Perform only The Heating Function, Double -Circuit Heating Boilers Provide a Dwelling Not with Wit Warm, BUT ALSO with HOTH HOTH. Having carried out the house of the pipeline, it remains only to equip the water intake points, while the connection of the sink with your own hands is not difficult for a person who at least once holding a wrench in his hands.

External Sewage System, Still Requires. Connecting the toilet to the costem is not much different from the Installation of the Toilet in a City Apartment..

. The Choice of a Drainage Processing System Also Matters to Create a Comfortable Lifestyle. For Summer Cottages, Its Enough to Organize a Cesspool, But itchuld be not that in this you will have to regularly resort to the services.

It is more practical to use various septic tanks, vacuers under the influence of biological organisms, whether casing inconvenence tonsements.