The latest finishing materials

Modern technologies are constantly being improved. This also applies to finishing materials. What until recently seemed ultramodern is already hopelessly obsolete tomorrow. Manufacturers constantly offer new options for finishing materials, which in their aesthetic and operational properties significantly exceed their predecessors. Consider some of the modern finishing materials.


Flexible stone is a roll material resembling wallpaper. Its front surface imitates the texture and color of the stone. Strips of flexible stone are superimposed on the walls treated with adhesive composition, after which the joints are wiped until smooth. A flexible stone will last many decades, as it has a great resistance to abrasion and burnout.

“Venetian” is one of the types of decorative plaster, which after drying makes the surface of the walls smooth and glossy. Venetian plaster is often called liquid marble, since it is it that acts as a filler. “Venetian” can be used in any interior, including classical and neoclassical.


Stretch ceilings in Yekaterinburg and not only allow decorating the ceiling with the help of a heat-shrinkable PVC film. The coating is heated and then fixed in special profiles. When cooling, the film is compressed and pulled, making the ceiling even and shiny.

Staining trim is a complex, but very spectacular and luxurious version of the ceiling. When using stained glass ceilings, you need to take into account certain restrictions, since the design conceals a height and is best for high rooms.


Banner tiles are used to clad floors in pools, bathrooms and home saunas. In addition to natural beauty, the floors lined with river or sea pebbles perform the function of the natural massager, give the footsteps an unforgettable sensation.

Artistic parquet is a multicomponent coating that forms a real stylistically holistic picture. Today, art parquet has received a new life thanks to the development of modern technology, has become again in demand and fashionable.

The use of new finishing materials allows you to make the interior of your home beautiful and original.