Nuances of installation and dismantling of the door lock

My home is my castle. And the most vulnerable place at the fortress is? That’s right, the front door and the lock installed on it. To ensure your peace of mind and the safety of property, you should not save on your faithful guards. When choosing a model, you should pay attention not only to its attractive appearance, but also to the quality of the canvas, the strength of the material. Particularly closely approached the selection of a reliable locking mechanism to ensure enhanced protection. Experienced experts advise structures with locking pin. It will be difficult for the attacker to open the room protected by this product. However, keep in mind that there is no point in installing a good model on a door leaf with a metal thickness of less than 4 mm, as this will lead to its deformation. KRIM, it is important to correctly install the mechanism according to the manufacturer’s instructions, since violation of the technological process can lead to rapid breakdown, emergency opening of the doors or cause difficulties in the operation of the locking mechanism.

If the key is lost

It is wonderful if for all occasions could lay straw. But force majeure situations are inevitable. Everyone at least once in their life lost the keys or, taking out the garbage, left the door open, and returning, admired the locked. Remember although engineer Schukin from the immortal comedy “Twelve Chairs”. In order not to repeat his fate, it is advisable to always have at hand the phone of the experienced Ostap Bender, ready at any moment to come to the aid with a set of necessary tools. Zvikhi, you can ask to eliminate a neighbor’s malfunction with a screwdriver or mount, however, the quality of work in this case is hardly possible to guarantee. Tim, who has sad experience with locksmiths from local housing and housing facilities, there is something to remember: the frightened door leaf, the spoiled lock of the front door or safe with values ​​or documents. If you value your time and property, opening safe in St. Petersburg should be entrusted to professionals.

Where to go

If this annoying nuisance happened to you, look at UnlockMaster. Your problem will be solved in the shortest possible time, at any time of the day at an affordable price. Competent, highly qualified specialists with extensive experience working with the most complex mechanisms, and having many positive reviews from customers, will open any doors in front of you!