New items in construction: glass-magnesium sheet

SML are made only from natural components: bombing and magnesium oxide, perlite sand and sawdust. The materials are mixed in certain proportions, after which they are poured into special forms and on all sides are reinforced with fiberglass made of natural fibers. After that, the plate gains strength during the day, and complete drying is performed naturally for 5-7 days. When performing the SML, volatile or harmful components, as well as glue are not used.

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Magnelitis combined all the useful characteristics of other materials for decoration. It is strong enough, both in a wet and in a dry state. High flexibility allows you to form a curvature radius of 0.2503 meters. The material does not burst and will not spin in water, can keep a temperature of 1,500 degrees for three hours, does not melt with all this, will not smoke and form harmful substances. Its frost resistance is greater than the same sheet of gypsum cardboard by 2-3 times, and thermal insulation characteristics allow you to finish saunas and baths. A sheet of such material with a thickness of 12 millimeters in terms of soundproofing characteristics is equal to approximately a 150 millimeter wall of brick, for this reason it can be used to finish sound recording studios and cinema halls. The installation of magnesite is simple and easy in comparison with gypsum cardboard: it breaks down exactly along the cut line, the thickness of the material is the same over the entire surface area. One square meter of material with a thickness of 8 millimeters weighs 7 kilograms. The small share of magnet will save on the strength of the supporting parts, which will significantly lower the total cost of finishing work.

Another useful property of SML is its versatility for further processing. The paint, plaster, tile or wallpaper lies equally well on the sheet, while starting the finish can be finished immediately, after installing the sheet. It is fixed as well as gypsum cardboard: screws to the base. But unlike the latter, Magnesite will not break and crumble when cutting or processing, for this reason it is fashionable to use any tool: a circular saw, drill, jigsaw or simple knife.

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