Suspended ceiling from drywall

There are a huge number of types of ceiling design, which differ in arcs from a friend with the main operational properties, the type of materials used and the appearance of the formed surface. Among them, it is worth noting the suspended ceiling using drywall plates.

The main advantages of a suspended ceiling made of drywall plates can be attributed to the following operational qualities:

one. Obtaining a perfectly flat surface that can be painted in any color. Today, many people think that the ceiling in the room needs to be painted using water -based paint. However, for that, the paint would lay down smoothly the surface should be perfectly flat, which is quite difficult to achieve when using leveling mixtures. Fatow of drywall sheets – an ideal solution, which, regardless of the state of the base, will help make the surface perfectly even.

2. There is no need to prepare the surface. With some types of surface decoration, it should be perfectly even and without defects, which often to achieve this surface indicator must be invested more than the finish itself. With this option for designing the ceiling, it is enough that the surface is just a reliable basis for structures, and also if possible processed by compounds preventing mold or fungus, damp.

3. The ability to integrate spotlights.

four. A good degree of sound insulation, and when using special heat -insulating materials that can be hidden into the space formed by the frame, increase thermal insulation in the room.

5. The ability to hide all communication wires in the educated space.

6. The ability to paint the surface in almost any color.

These positive qualities determine the popularity of the use of this type of ceiling finish in the bathroom or restroom, in the kitchen or goods, the living room.

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