Let’s talk about paving slabs. How to choose?

Owners of private sections often set a goal to make a beautiful path. Material such as paving slabs is one of the best elections among other building materials. We will discuss the features of this building material.

Positive sides of paving slabs.

– You can use this material to make various forms of the track, build sites of various sizes and shapes.

– If there is an acute need to disassemble part of the structure from paving slabs – this is always possible.

– there are no kind of evaporation in the hot period.

– Porcelain tile does not harm the roots of plants planted near the laid area.

Cons of paving slabs.

– At temperatures below zero, the coating of this material becomes slippery, which is a certain danger.

– Criticality to the quality of work – if they were done incorrectly, in places such a tile can sag, which very strongly violates the overall picture.

Choose paving slabs.

There are two main types of this tile – it is a vibro -pressed paving slabs and vibration paving slabs. In addition to the difference in the names, they differ in the production method and the final technical characteristics. Vibro -pressed sidewalk tiles are used in those places where it is planned to move along it by road. If there are no high requirements for the specific workload, it is recommended to use vibrolypid paving slabs. Possible load that it can withstand much less, but captivates with its choice.

When buying paving slabs, carefully look at her. Pay attention to a brilliant surface – this indicates a violation of production technologies. The easiest way to check the quality of the tile is to hit one paving slabs on another. The sound should be ringing, but not deaf – which is the result of an excess of water.

When buying paving slabs from various parties, make sure that it does not differ in colors. The selection of colors in different parties is a rather difficult question, but pay it enough attention to it, otherwise it will be two -tone.

When you order paving slabs, do not forget that any batch of tiles may contain defective material, the volume of which can be up to 5 % or higher, depending on the supplier.