Pull out non -woven wallpaper? No problem!

If you are going to glue the wallpaper, but not simple, but non -woven – this is the right choice. Such wallpapers hide the smallest defects of the walls, they have a wonderful exquisite relief, and most importantly, glue them much easier than paper. And so that we need. Well, firstly, clean and fairly even walls, further, of course, scissors, a special knife and a spatula, as well as a brush for applying glue. Ah, and do not forget the glue for non -woven wallpaper and, of course, the wallpaper itself. The main thing is to measure the wall first, for this you will need a regular roulette. When you already have all sizes, you can start cutting wallpaper. By the way, such wallpapers are glued. The main thing is to properly fit the picture. I advise you to leave, 5 cm long, and then, you can connect the drawing without problems. By the way, in order not to confuse where the top is, and where the bottom is, you can mark, for example, the top with a pencil and then you will definitely not be mistaken. Further glue. Attention, it should be thoroughly mixed. Our wallpaper is not paper, but non -woven, so the glue does not need to be applied to them. Immediately apply it to the wall. It is not worth saving glue, the wall should be covered with a good layer, but also overdo it with this, I do not recommend you. Installation should start from the corner, so the material will be spent more economically. And remember, the first strip of wallpaper is the most important. How you stick it, so it will go further. Therefore, spend more time for this and do everything exactly. Smooth the irregularities with a spatula, it is better from the center to the edges and remember, all the air should get out of the wallpaper. Be careful because excess glue forms at the joints of the wallpaper and you need to remove it, but remember, non -paper woven wallpaper, they do not soak so quickly, so you can not rush. There must be a sharp wallpaper knife at hand. He will help get rid of excess. Sometimes there is such a problem when when gluing the next strip, at the joints, the wallpaper begins to peel off. But such problems are only with paper wallpaper, and we have non -woven wallpaper and in this regard the joints will be ideal. This is another plus that should be considered when buying. Therefore, I advise you to use non -woven wallpaper when repairing. How, it turned out, it is not so difficult to glue them, you can do without special preparation. Good luck!

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