Painting surfaces during repair

Room repair is a long process that consists of several stages. And each stage needs to be approached very responsibly, because incorrect handling of building materials can shorten their life span, and, respectively, the next repair will have to be carried out much faster than planned.

Particular attention should be paid to the decoration of the floor and walls, because it is their appearance that you will contemplate every day. Wall decoration consists of several parts. FIRSTLY, if you apply paint immediately to the surface, it will expose all the bumps and cavities that will spoil the general view of the room. The same goes for gender if you decide to paint it.

Before applying oil paint, it is recommended to level the surface with a primer. The assortment of soil paints is wide enough to choose a suitable color if you do not plan to apply an additional layer of paint on top of the primer. The color palette of soil paint, as a rule, consists of calm plain shades. Universal soil enamels, like GF-021, are very often used not only as a protective film, but also as the basis for oil paint. Ground enamels are distinguished by good protective properties that allow you to maintain the perfect surface type for a long time. The chemical elements included in the composition create a persistent barrier that protects the surface from the harmful effects of moisture or temperature difference. Enamel is suitable for staining surfaces not only indoors, but also outside, prolonging the life of wooden and metal structures.

The enamel of the PF-115, which has long been a great universal tool for painting surfaces of any type, has also established itself well, wherever they are, wherever they are. Enamel of this type can be used not only as a basis, but also for decorative staining. Its properties allow you to reliably protect the metal from corrosion, and the tree is from cracks.

After processing the surface with a primer, oil paint to go more even and gives the room an aesthetic look. The paint, unlike the primer, does not long through the effect of moisture and temperatures, especially on the street. In order to protect the metal from corrosion, even good paint, like Ma-15, is recommended to be applied in two layers. The average term of oil paint is about a year, the film can live longer in the room. Soil paint reliably protects the surface from destruction for 3-4 years.