DIY wall painting in the apartment

Beautifully colored walls attract general attention. But, unlike patterned wallpaper on a plain matte surface, defects are clearly visible, so you need to paint very carefully and thoroughly.

You need to start work with the preparation of the wall. It’s good if the walls have not been stained before, in which case you just need to clean them from dust and inspect if there are cracks, recesses and chips on it.

Unevennesses are smoothed with putty. Having waited for putting their putty, you need to remove dust and dirt again. This must be done in order for the paint to fall on the wall evenly, but in the future does not crack. If you paint a wall that had already been covered with paint or there were wallpaper on it, then the coloring technology differs from the previous technique.

Before painting, you need to remove the old finish, and then clean the wall from glue residues. It happens that the wallpaper is glued very well, just tightly. In this case, you can paint right on them, but using decorative paint. This, of course, is not the best way out, but if you observe certain technical conditions, it can turn out to be tolerable. To do this, prepare the wall – treat it with primer alkyd paint, which is pre -divorced by a third of White – Spirit.

It may turn out that the surface is completely covered with cracks, fat spots or fungus. In this case, the spots need to be treated with an alkali or acidic composition, or simply clean them if it is possible. Cracks need to be sealed with alabastr, and hopelessly cracked places are cleaned from plaster, melted again or spaces. You need to apply soil to the prepared surface. It is needed to strengthen the surface of the wall. With it, the paint lies better on putty.

It is advisable to apply soil in two layers. The first layer, after it dries, is protected by fine sandpaper.

Removing dust, you can proceed to applying the second layer.

After waiting for the second layer of soil, you can proceed to staining the wall.

Paint for the best effect is applied to several layers.

What to do so that the paint falls smoothly and beautifully?

It must be applied evenly. First vertically, then horizontally. The last moves of the brush should be made from top to bottom to create the correct visual effect. Bend the paint well so that it does not flow and does not form stains. Do not paint with thick layers so that it manages to dry.

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