Preparing for Cladding Tiles

In Order for the Walls in your house to look Beautiful and Maintain Longevity, You Need to Linen Them with Tiles. This is a concavenent and comon method of decoration, Which has some of the nuances that you need to listen to get a good and high -quality result.

Such A Decoating of the Room Has a Lot of Its Advantages, Because Its Used for a Long Time and Does Not Give Up Its Positions. Tiles Cladding are well Suited for Rooms Such as Kitchen, Bath, Toilet, BecAuse It Has Good Water Resistance and Aesthetic Appe. Produce Tiles from Solid and Durable Material, Which Doges Not Burn and is Easily Removed.

It be remembred that before chooSing a tile, you need to decide What You Will Use it, Becuse The Material for Cladding Will Depend on This. For Example, Ceramic Tiles Exist for Internal and External Wall Decoration, As Well as for the Floor. Tiles for Interior Decoration Does Not Tempratures and Precipitation, TheFore Its Intended Only For Masonry in the Middle of the Room. FACADE TILES ARE SUITABLE FOR EXTERIOR Decoration. PUT A Special Tile on the Floor, Which Has Significant Density and Consideble Resistance to Washing. Facing Tiles Can Be a Variety of Colors and Textures.

Before You Start Lining with Tiles, You Need To Prepare the Surface and the Tile Itself Wellf Wellf. IF the Walls Are Made of Concrete Or Brick, The IT Will Be Enure to Simply Wipe Them From Dust and Garbage. Irregularites will to be eliminated using plaster. So that tile has a goodch with the Wall, YOU NEED to Clean Its it in the Water for 8 Hours. After it it is dried and you can start work. To this, you will need a cement more with sand, only, roofing matrial. To keep the soil, you need a mesh with clels. To procelface can be used White, As Well as Synthetic Mastic.

You Also NEED TOOLS SUSH ASHISEL WHICH THE WALLS OF THE WALLS ARENHABITING, A NILL BRUSH to Apply Scratches On A Soil Layer. For Cutting Tiles You Need to Prepare Glass Cutter. A spatula, a plaster blade Will be needed to crude The Surface and Apply a Solution to it. To be more concavenent to put the tile, you need to make the surface markeing, this can be with some kind of cord. After the Work is Completed, IT Remains Only to Wipe the Surface of the Cladding and Enjoy The Quality and Beauty.