Granite Paving Stones.

Granite SINCE Ancient Times Has Been Used as High -strength and Wear -Resistant Building and Finishing Material. TODAY THEYARYWHHERENED STATETITUTIONS, METRO StATIONS, TheATERS. He founds more and more use in Private Individual Construction. Granite Decoating the Facades of Buildings Symbolizes ReliaBility and Prosperity. Using it in the Internet Interior: For Decoating FirePlas and Furnaces, Devices of Flooring, Gives the Internal Space of the Buildings, GorgeUUSNESS, SEVERITY And Independence.

Chopped Granite Paving Stones – The Cheapest Option – Harmonizes Profitably with Wiod and Many Other Building Materials. Pilled-Red Products Are Located in a Higher Price Range. Typically, Such Tiles Havy Sawn Lower and Upper Sides and Chopped Side Sides. MOREOVER, Offten the Front Side Is Treated Under the Influence of High Temprature. As a Result, An Original Surface Appears with Small Height Drops-2-3 Mm. Such Material is Extremely Convenent for Movement: Its Not Slip, Does Not Cover The Ice, Dirt Does Not It, Allowing Granite to Maintain Its Unsurpassines and SPLENDER. Waves and Circles, Fans, Miters, Skillfully Lined with Sawn-Wheel Granite, Make An Enchanting Impression. The Result of this Design of the Sits Is Convenent for Use, Even and Elegant Surface.

Full -Drunk Products with a Heat -treat Front Side Are Consedered the Most Expensive and Elite Products. Such A Paving Stones, The Price for it Varies From 2400 Rubles./sq. m. Up to 3300 Rubles./sq. m., can be produced in dimensions of 100-200 mm and 30-100 mm Thick. It is indispensable for City Walking Paths, Park Zones and Large Areas. Many Designers Offten Use a Harmonious Combination of Two or More Colors. Run it is Necessary to Arrange a Site with Relief Drops, The Full -Saw Paving Stones Can Be Used Along with A Stab.

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