Characteristics and Differences

Shield and Phylenny Doors: Characteristics and Differences

The Modern Construction Industry Is Pleased to Offer a Gorgeous Choice of Doors for EVERY TASTE and Financial Wealth. Installation of interior doors – Price: Itsends on the Variety of Products: They Differ in Style, Color Scheme, Design of Paints and Other Factors.

The Most Complex Manaufactoring Technology Havy Doors with Phylene Wings. This Significantly Affects The Formation of Their Price, But from This Do Not Lose Their Attractivence for Buyers. A special Frame Design of the Canvas Gives the Doors Lightness, and Qualitate Processed Philite to Create Original Models.

Filenced Doors Are Produed from Hard Wood, Valuable Varieties of Trees, From Soft Wood and Mixed Materials. Models of Solid Wood Are the Most Expensive. They Are Produed in Two Ways, The First of Which Involves The Fastening of All Parts of the Design by Self -locking Spike Joints. Such Models Guarantee a Long Service Life. Another Technology Involves The Method of Gluing Several Parts of the Structure, Their Service Life Is Slichtly Less.

The Most Common Ares Made of Soft Wood. SUCH Products LOOK MOST Advantageous in the Interior in the Style of Country and in Country Cottages.

Filenchet Doors of Several Materials Are Successful Competitors with Previous Options. When Creating Them, Cheaper Wood, MDF, VENEER ARE USED. Venerated the Door Visually Very Similar to Analogue of Hard and Soft Wood and Much Cheaper.

Unlike Phylene Products, The Thyroid Doors Are Made of Cheap, Low -Grade Wood Or Carpentry Plates. But They Also Havy Many Positive Properties that Distinguish Them From Other Types. The Basis of Such Doors Does Not Dry Out, Has a High Degree of Sound and Thermal Insulation, Attractive Low Cost and Appe.

The Canvas of the Shield Doors Consists of Continous Or Hollow Shields, AS A Rule, Both Sides Are Faced with Various Materials. As a finish, Plastic, Venee or Wood-Fibrous Slabs with Wear-Restant Coating are used as a finish. Today, the Installation of Doors in St. Petersburg from the ABOVE Materials A Very Popular Market in the Market Due to Its Accessites and Diversity in the Design.