Cold Glazing of Balconies: Pros and Cons of

Cold Glazing of Balconies Is Most Offen Performed An Aluminum Profile. In Addition, it can be -called “non -ramous” Method. However, in the Latter Case, The Frame, of Course, Is Present, But it is Made of Very Narrow Plates. The Latter ALSO MADE from Aluminum. These Two Glazing Methods Can Have Both Advantages and Cons of.

Advantages of Cold Glazing:

+ PRICES For Cold Glazing of Balconies are Acceptable for Most People. In this regard, aluminum structures can be a good alternative to PVC or wood;

+ ReliaBility. Aluminum – Durable and Durable Material. It is not subject to corrosion and Various Kinds of Mechanical Influences;

+ Protection of the Internet Space of the Loggia from Adverse Weather Factors –Net, Wind, Rain and Dust;

+ Simplicity of Care. In the Case of Using An Aluminum Profile, Are Easily Removed. TheFore, In ORDER To Wash Glasses, It is not Necessary to Outweigh The Railing, Risking Life. Bezramic Constructions Move Along Special Guides, Which Also Greatly Facilitates the Care of them;

+ The Ability to Use in Dilapided Houses. In Such Buildings, There is Offten a Ban On Installing Structures with A Large Weight. Light Aluminum Frames Can Beis Just An Ideal Option;

+ The Possibility of Painting Frames in Any Desired Color;

+ Bezramic Constructions Look Unusually Spectacular. ORDINARY ALUMINUM GLAZING ALSO LOOKS Pretty Attractive.

Disadvantages of Cold Glazing.

The Disadantages Include the Fact that:

– Aluminum Structures Do Not Completely Protect the Internal Area of the Balcony Or Loggia in Terms of Heat Presentation. In Winter Its Will Be Very Cold Here, and in the Summer Its Hot;

– They Do not Protect the Balcony from Noise Coming from the Street too Well;

– You can not use Any Other Metals in the Design Except aluminum. Contact with Them Can Lead to An Undesirable Chemical Reaction;

– Sometimes Glasses on Balconies, Decoed in This Way, Begin to Rattle. Most Offen This IS Due to the Collapse of the Fasteners.

Of Couurse, The Insulation Balcony Is Very Convenent and Practical. However, Aluminum Constructions are Able to Protect the Internal Space Well and Moreover, Can Serve as an Excellent Decoration. Given That They Are not tooo Expensive, Their Installation Can BE A Good CHOICE IN MANY CASS.