Pool cladding tiles

Ceramic tiles cladding is rightfully considered the most durable and time -tested type of finish. This type of surface decoration is not only reliable and durable, but also very aesthetic, as it allows you to realize the most daring fantasies.

In order to renew the pool, without resorting to the help of professionals, it is necessary to follow several simple, but indispensable on the technical side of the issue, recommendations that will not only structure and simplify the process, but also make the coating correctly, while avoiding the main shortcomings.

The first and, perhaps, the main aspect for this type of work is to create a prepared surface. The basis for ceramic tiles should not contain cracks, tubercles and potholes, is obliged to have sufficient hardness and roughness for further adhesion with tiles. The smoother and stronger the surface will be, the better and more durable you will get the result, so this stage of work cannot be neglected in any case. It is best to hang the planes well before laying the tiles using the level. This is equally true for both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

It is important to remember that if there are defects on the concrete base of your pool, they must be eliminated to facing, so that the “laps” or plaster can completely dry.

The next step is to process the surface with a deep penetration soil – this also improves the adhesion of the glue for tiles with the surface. After the preparatory work is finished, you can proceed directly to the cladding.

The main requirement for tiles for the pool is its strength and wear resistance, a high degree of waterproofing. In case of violation of one of the criteria, a high -quality pool is unlikely to be obtained. The tile can be used different, however, for convenience and fortress – it is better to select the one that will be multiple of the size of the space to reduce the number of “cut” elements. There is a lot of adhesive mixtures for laying tiles at the moment, so it will be reasonable to consult with a specialist at the purchase site in order to get an option that is optimally suitable for the pool. The process of laying tiles itself does not differ from the floor cladding, therefore, if you have already encountered this type of work, you will not have difficulties, and you will get a strong and reliable surface that will last you many years!