Basin cladding. Liner or ceramic tile?

After your base for the pool is ready, the question will arise about which material to use it for its cladding?.. At the moment, there are two most popular and proven options in order to renew the pool bowl: ceramic tiles (or mosaic) and a liner (PVC film). We will get acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages of both of these types.

Ceramic tile lining is a “classic” method of decoration, involves a wide scope for imagination, contains a lot of interesting options and the ability to create a real picture within your pool. Laying is carried out after installing cleaning equipment, plaster and waterproofing. Undoubted advantages when facing the pool are its durability and reliability, resistance to weather conditions, ultraviolet rays and chemicals, lightness when cleaning the pool, a huge number of decoration options, a wide color palette, a wonderful appearance. The disadvantages include the fact that ceramics are sensitive to blows, and the seams between the tiles must be restored about every 5-10 years. For the mosaic, it is necessary to highlight more shortcomings as the high cost of material and styling, the duration of work that only professionals can perform, frequent reconstruction.

The cladding of the PVC pool with a film has recently gained more and more prevalence, thanks to its relative cheapness and speed in installation. Coating of this type is usually called “liner”. Such material is made on the basis of polyvinyl chloride, resistant to external influences, convenient both in laying and in operation, is excellent to repair, which, it should be noted, is inexpensive. Most often it is used to decorate pools with high attendance. The pluses of the liner can be called its cost, the speed in laying, relative durability, the creation of excellent waterproofing, good resistance to “street” conditions, a pleasant appearance, a variety of colors and coloring, cheapness and convenience in repair. The disadvantages are that, despite the strength, the color of the liner is inclined over time to burn out under direct sunlight, the film is not resistant to mechanical damage (including abrasion), requires a substrate.

Each of the species has advantages and disadvantages, so the choice is worth making, starting from their own needs and a “wallet”.