About concrete floors and cracks in them

In general, such material as concrete is considered and is the most durable. Cracking in concrete may be needed only in cases of improper operation of the product.

First of all, we need to evaluate how large -scale and serious damage turned out to be if they are generally really serious. In addition, you need to understand exactly how and where such problems came from on the surface. Incorrect manufacture of the product itself or temperature differences most often become the reason for the emergence of such problems. In temperature differences, small cracks occur. Between the two plates in this case there is absolutely no difference in heights. The error is technical in nature, if the changes in heights between the slabs separated by a crack still arise. Then you need to approach the solution of the issue more seriously. For example, to purchase compound for forms, which is a fairly common material.

First, check the crack itself. After all, a certain number of chips next to her can form. In the future, they can become separate shallow fossa. We pass the chisel along the entire length of the crack, using the chisel itself and a hammer. It is necessary to remove those pieces of concrete on which hidden chips appear. Thus, it will be possible to further fill the crack with a concrete mixture.

It is important to remove all the excess dust and dirt around the crack. Crack and its base must be shed using ordinary water.

Next, you can proceed to the preparation of concrete mixture. Dilute the pure cement of the M-400 brand with water. With a proportion half to half, add PVA glue to this solution. Next, go to thorough mixing of this composition. It should be liquid enough to calmly penetrate the crack and spread over it.

The composition must be poured at a slightly higher level than the floors themselves are located. After all, any concrete mixtures give shrinkage when they dry out. The crack after drying the mixture should be carefully polished so that in height this place coincides with the general level. You can use an abrasive circle if it is not possible to do this using a machine. The crack is wiped in circular movements. To get rid of dust, it is necessary to fill the floor with water after the crack is completely dry. Actually, this should be enough to cope with the problem of cracks. You can use the help of a specialist, but you can do everything yourself.