DIY lining and decoration with your own hands

Having made a decision on the construction of a fireplace in your house, you should weigh all the pros and cons. A real fireplace in the house has a number of positive moments, such as warmth, coziness and the effect of a prosperous house, but the process of its construction is quite complex, which requires not a little time, knowledge and means.

It has long been the projects of the fireplaces were developed by the high -class engineers, therefore, having no need for the necessary knowledge, it is better to apply for a project to such a person or order on the site /.

So, having a drawing of the fireplace and an experienced engineer-builder, you can start the construction of this project to life.

The order is the main thing in the construction of the fireplace on its own. It indicates the exact dimensions, the position of the position of each brick in each row throughout the construction of this project.

With the help of a guess, having calculated the number of required bricks for the construction of a fireplace, you can begin to work.

The corner fireplace looks very impressive in the house, but it is believed that this type of location has some difficulties. A wall or island fireplace is considered simpler in engineering design.

When the fireplace is built, the most interesting lesson comes – its decoration, which should be thought about before the start of construction, since the choice of material material depends on the shape of the fireplace and the features of its design.

Traditional materials for the decoration of fireplaces are marble and granite, as well as various facing tiles, especially for fireplaces, fireplace tiles. The fireplace can be decorated with a fireplace shelf.

There are forms in which you can independently cast an artificial stone and clad a fireplace. The option is quite cheap and practical.

It used to be fashionable to facing the fireplace with tiles, today this type of finish is no less relevant. Thanks to tiles, you can create a respectable type of fireplace.

When decorating a fireplace, you can give free rein to the fantasy. The fireplace can be decorated with forged metal or forging elements. The fireplace can be decorated with a carved tree. The fireplace can be finished with beautiful elements that are made of polystyrene foam and look natural, like real stucco.

The traditional facing material for fireplaces is ceramic tiles called tiles.

The facing material for the fireplace is one of the main components of its appearance, so when choosing a finish, it is worthwhile to weigh everything.